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What's swimming around in my noggin maintenant, you wonder? I noticed there's always a balance between the frivolous and the serious. Here's where my head's at today!


“Tomorrow is another day, yes?” Refugees in Lesbos [NY Times] One of the NYT picked comments: "...part of the reason for allowing the situation to become increasingly inhospitable was to discourage others from coming. I think those in charge don't really understand the other option available to these people - of staying in their home country or in Turkey. However bad these camps sound, those places are worse."

Howard University students stage sit-in after the University admitted to misappropriating up to $1 million in financial aid. The students' response: Bitch better have my money. Keep fighting!

"Dinner Talk" policies [Man Repeller] "They include: sleep, periods, health, dreams, money, diet, “and finally, my mother’s number one killer of discourse — her crown jewel — route talk.” Curious, what would be on your list? The point of the post, however, is a writing prompt for the MR Writers Club - tell them your best commuting story. It's funny, I commuted everywhere my entire life - buses, trains, etc. I didn't get my driver's license until I was 23.  But I can't for the life of me think of one great commuting story. Anyways, I was never a fan of Leandra Medine and her style and obvious privilege, but MR does a great job being an inclusive website about all kinds of women. That, I applaud wholeheartedly and now the website is bookmarked in my life. Flex your literary muscles, drink a protein shake, always stretch and then, submit! You have nothing to lose! 

Want to take action, but don't know how? I never thought I would be one of those people who listened to podcasts, but here we are. There are a select few I religiously listen to (I'll make a post!) and Pod Save America is one of them, along with Lovett or Leave It. I used to be hesitant about listening to Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Tommy Vietor, and Dan Pffeifer basically letting me listen in on their saloon conversations (sans alcohol) because well, I bring up privilege, but they are four privileged white men who worked for the Obama administration. However, that hesitancy quickly washed away when I actually listened. They regularly welcome the opinions and guests of every creed, color, gender, shape and size and they just want us, as a people, to do the right thing. One of my favorite things about them is that they tell you how you can get involved. The Take Action portion of the website provides ways to "get in the fight". There's even a phone script, if you have no idea what to say to your congressmen and women!

Roseanne is back [NY Times] I will preface by saying that I never watched Roseanne. Not one episode. The television show featured a family I could not identify with. In fact, there are no television shows or any other forms of media that I, as a Filipino-American, have ever identified with. Fresh off the Boat is great, but I still feel like I'm not represented. Interesting article about why ABC returned to the American heartland after Trump was elected. 

Turmeric eggs [Healthyish] I was a huge advocate for turmeric before golden milk became a thing that already was...but anyways. I can't wait to try this and let's be clear, I am only trying this because I actually have all the ingredients. I'm not focused enough to think intelligently about grocery lists most days.

Ole Henriksen is the HG. I recently had a sudden bout of adult acne. I think it's because this is my Saturn Return (DO NOT LAUGH, GWEN STEFANI MADE A WHOLE ALBUM ABOUT IT). Or you know, hormones. Yeah it's imbalanced hormones, Alex. I have no idea where it came from because genetically, my family has pretty great skin. I religiously washed my face and used the usual moisturizers and sunscreens. I used the most basic topical treatments because that worked best for my combination skin. One day, my skin just broke out in ways I never experienced in my entire life. I got all these tiny pus-filled bumps on my cheeks, around my lips and some on my forehead. My confidence has fallen dramatically, I have been getting over a breakup and coping with how to deal with career dissatisfaction, all factors. I'm still not healed, by any means, but after trying so many products, I think I finally found my holy grail. You know that feeling when it's right, you just know? That's how I felt when I first used the Ole Henriksen Three Little Wonders kit and Pore-Balance Facial Sauna Scrub. In a weird way, I feel like 2018 is the year skincare is my coping mechanism for what has been a, for lack of a better word, shitty year so far. I don't know if it will fully heal my skin yet, but...stay tuned. In the mean time, here's a skin care guide from New York Magazine, a website that just always seems to be reading my mind these days. 

Why Catholic colleges excel at basketball [NY Times] "As the Final Four coincides with Easter weekend, this phenomenon is as real as ever. Half the No. 1 seeds in this tournament were Catholic teams, as were eight of the 64 teams that made the bracket." I think the Catholic guilt in me made me add this, but it really is a fascinating read.

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Happy Easter!


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