Saving Soho

Cue: Soho’s gentrification has come to the forefront when squatters at a once-popular club in Soho were evicted by police. They were occupying the building in protest of the area’s transformation, which they argue will take away its rich culture and history of harbouring up-and-coming performers.

Grow Tech City

Cue: Youth unemployment has become a growing issue not only in London, but in the entire United Kingdom. However, groups such as the Centre for London are trying to combat unemployment by inspiring the youth to join the in-demand field of technology and coding.

Co-Buying in London

Cue: The property market in London is booming with interest from foreign investors, but the situation is tough on the middle class. With ever increasing rents and house prices in London, it is hard for young people to get on the property ladder. A young couple has set up a new website that helps first-time buyers find a suitable partner to pool resources and co-buy with.

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